Business Expenses Data Entry

Managing your receipts
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Business Expenses Data Entry
All your receipts are processed and stored in Australia
Business Expenses Data Entry
Use your staff for more productive work
Leave your Data Entry with us
VARCHIVE can save you Time and Money

VARCHIVE – Manage Your Bills, Receipts, Invoices

  • Small & Medium Businesses

    We extract your spending data from the uploaded receipts. Key information like Store Name, Receipt Date, $ amounts etc. are stored and a category is assigned for your expense.

  • Accountants & Bookkeepers

    Accountants can now offload managing receipts and get clients to safely store receipts to meet tax obligations.

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    From here on, your receipts are safe and secure with VARCHIVE, you have access to your receipts 24×7. Get your Categorised reports, Time-based reports, Spending alerts, expense reports or get access to your archived receipts.