Use your time more productively

Use your staff for more productive work. Our business model lets you upload your receipts using VARCHIVE portal and we do the hard part of extracting data from your receipts.

GST Report to help you with your BAS

In our business plan only, we capture GST amount. GST Report help you extract the total expenses and GST during the quarter and this helps when lodging BAS statement.

Report - Spending by Credit Card

In our business plan, we capture Payment Method i.e. Cash, Credit Cards etc. This comes handy when you want to track expenses by a Credit card or Cash.

ATO approves digital receipts

Businesses can now store receipts online digitally and acceptable by ATO as long as they are stored in original format for a period of 5 years. Refer to the attached ruling: ATO Ruling 2005/9.

Secure Storage

Security of your documents is our top priority. For this purpose we use Amazon AWS, one of the top data centre service providers. All data transfers to and from the servers is through a secure channel SSL encryption.

Export data in multiple formats

All your receipt data can be exported in various formats i.e. xml, csv. This can used for your customized reporting or importing to other softwares.

Organise Receipts

Get rid of your paper receipts and manage all your receipts online. Use your receipts to help you claim expenses, warranty claims, generate expense reports and lot more.

Keep track of your spending

View your total expenses by category i.e. electricity, food, groceries. Spend by category chart helps you identify you spending by each category for current month or past months.

Plan your budget

Expense report gives clear indication of your total spend within each category that sums the monthly expenses. You can plan based on your these reports to help you plan your budget.

Get overspending alerts

You can configure a budget $ for a category in a month, you will receive an email alert once you overspend.

Access receipts when you need them

Your receipts are stored in a secure storage and available to you on your computer, smartphones & tablets. You can download your receipt when you need them.

Easy access to Tax-Claimable receipts

Once you mark your receipts Tax-Claimable, you can access them on year end. This report is handy to give to the accountant as a proof of all tax claims you make when filing tax returns.

Easy access to Warranty receipts

Often we lose the receipt when we need to claim warranty or can’t remember what was the purchase date for an item. Receipts marked with Warranty are easily accessible.

Share receipts with Accountant

Your Tax-Claimable report can be generated and shared with your nominated accountant.