Below are a few screenshots from our web portal. If you have any queries related to VARCHIVE features, feel free to email us at and once of our representatives will get back.

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Multi-File upload using your Computer

Website allows user to upload multiple files simultaneously. It makes it easy for users who have all pre-scanned documents to be uploaded. PDF or Image files can be uploaded.

Capture receipts using Mobile

Users can now upload the receipts instantly as they spend. Receipts like petrol, groceries etc. can you captured & uploaded using VARCHIVE mobile app before you trash them.

Forward your invoices received in Email

Invoices & Bills received in email can be forwarded to and VARCHIVE will automatically put them under your account & process them.

Access receipts using Mobile app

Accessing receipts on your mobile can help user in several ways i.e. compare item cost, item returns, refunds and lots of other things.

Secure Data Transfers

Data security is at the heart of VARCHIVE solution. All our data transfers are made on a secured 256bit encrypted channel.

Reliable Storage

VARCHIVE solution is hosted on Amazon AWS, one of the leading in Infrastructure solutions.

Family Access

Under Family and higher plans, you can invite users from your family to join under the same account. This way any expense they record on their VARCHIVE mobile app gets recorded under the same account.